Who Am I?

​​I am Volina Armstrong. I am a woman raised in church, and still chasing after what that all means. God is my first love.

I am passionate about writing, about creativity, about encouraging others, and sold out on being who I am called to be.

I love to be different, I think that is what drives me. It’s not like I even had a choice with my own name. But, I learned to embrace that God created me different. It took me years to really accept what that all means, but I can say I love me, and have been delivered from other people's opinions of me.

I love to laugh. Anyone that knows me, knows I will always find a way to make life fun. My philosophy even in the most trying of times is, “One day I’m going to laugh at all this.”

I am a single mother of 3 beautiful children. I am always trying to find ways to relate to them. Just when I think I figured it out, I find that I haven’t. I’m finding there is no perfect solution, it’s all about balance and learning from mistakes.

I am a PK. As a child it meant a greater responsibility and expectation. As an adult, I appreciate that I have a deeper understanding of the things people in the pulpit really go through. My parents had 5 of us kids, and I’m the oldest daughter, so therefore I have a big family mentality.

I have been Apostolic (PAW/PCAF), Pentecostal (United Holiness, Mount Calvary and COGIC), and finally Baptist. So I feel like I have a well diverse background when it comes to going to black churches. Although challenging, I am grateful for my upbringing.

Oh, and most importantly, I got saved and filled with the Holy Ghost at age 7. So you could say that I been walkin’ this out for a while…