Singles Ministry, Am I missing something here?

"Contrary to popular belief we are not all burning in sheets."

"The point is we would like churches to be as real as redemption is. We KNOW fornication is a sin. We are aware of the worldly effects of premarital sex, but not taught so much on the Godly ones. I think many singles would like to know more in depth of the spiritual connection as it relates to sex. Maybe even teaching just why and how sacred sex is between a man and wife.

Think Like A Man, written by Steve Harvey was a massive hit. I got the book and thought it was a very interesting read. I also, like many others went to see the movie and it’s sequel. I thought tho, am I missing something here? How is it that the world is informing us more about sex, dating and relationships??? Shouldn’t the church be taking the lead on this one?

It’s a new day. There are things coming at us and the next generation in ways we never imagined. We as a body have to see that. We have to be real about what is really going on."

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