Keryan Armstrong

Actor, Fashion Consultant

Devray Baker

Emergency Room RN., 2nd Lieutenant USAF

Robin Kurian

Entrepreneur, Entertainment Host for "Run It With Robin"

Meet Our Writers...

We are an online support group for the church girls. No matter what your age, if you have been raised in church, you are just cut differently. It is our mission to reach an audience we feel sometimes gets overlooked. We are a strong group of ladies that know who God is, and know our purpose. We are here to make our mark in this world. 

Our Vision

Nameless Woman Christian Online Support Group

Lillian V. Armstrong

Trainer, Consultant ofWhen This Lady Speaks


Volina Armstrong

Writer, Actor, Entrepreneur

From left to right: My mother, Lillian, sister Devray, niece Destiny, sister Keryan, daughter Bayleigh, and me. 

Who are we?​

I realized many years ago that I am not in the struggle alone. So on this journey I invited some of my sisters to come along and share as well. Some of these women have been with me through some pretty rough times. Thankfully, God has placed them in my life so that I wouldn't drown in my own self pity and pain. These are some pretty amazing ladies. We all come from similar backgrounds, share the love of God, and love for reaching out to other women. Collectively we share this passion, collectively we are purpose driven, and collectively we know that where two or three are gathered together in His name...we will see lives transformed!

Why are we Nameless?
Well, the thought is simple. I found in the Bible that so many women had such amazing stories, but were not named. That puzzled me. A name means everything to me. Heck, I didn’t even name my firstborn for two days, because I wanted to make sure he had the right name. So, why? Ok, well in my imagination I thought, maybe it wasn’t about them being publicized, but more importantly that their stories made a difference. Their lives mattered.

NamelessWoman is a platform of encouragement. An outlet for the church girl.

We are not preaching on here, we are just being real. We want to talk about real life without the restraints. Come join the movement.

“NamelessWoman…It’s not just a name, it’s a movement.”